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Bachelor Party Checklists

Groom – check. Cash – got it. Reservations – made. Create a bachelor party checklist today and remove any hint of stress from this otherwise outrageous night. Bring checklist – check. We make checklists for practically every decision or event in our lives. Grocery shopping – bring on the list. Heading out of town and need to pack your luggage – start itemizing the underwear! Checklists are so effective because they force you to visibly confirm that you have all of your bases covered, and a bachelor party checklist can help when it comes to both the planning and execution of the event. But there are two kinds of bachelor party checklists that you must know about...two very different types....

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Host Your Own Oktoberfest

Ahh Autumn, the season when beer lovers' minds turn to the old country, and we seek out good German beers to enjoy in a biergarten with friends. If you can't make it over to Germany for Oktoberfest, why not host your own? You'll find most of the beer gear you need for an awesome Oktoberfest right here at Capcatchers. 1. Beer Buckets  Part of the fun of Oktoberfest is sampling many different beers. Keep the bottles you select cold, upright and easily accessible by putting several ice filled beer buckets on the table. Separate the beers into categories--Pilsners, Lagers, Stouts--each with its own bucket. You can customize the buckets for each brew, or you can use plain buckets with tags...

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