Bachelor Party Checklists

Groom – check. Cash – got it. Reservations – made. Create a bachelor party checklist today and remove any hint of stress from this otherwise outrageous night. Bring checklist – check.

We make checklists for practically every decision or event in our lives. Grocery shopping – bring on the list. Heading out of town and need to pack your luggage – start itemizing the underwear! Checklists are so effective because they force you to visibly confirm that you have all of your bases covered, and a bachelor party checklist can help when it comes to both the planning and execution of the event. But there are two kinds of bachelor party checklists that you must know about...two very different types.

Bachelor Party Checklist #1:

The first type of checklist that must be created is a literal list of all of the items, gifts, accessories, reservations, and other details related to the party. You don’t want to forget the name of the club you’re heading to during the night after having a few drinks, so keep this information handy. You won’t forgive yourself if you forget to bring enough cash to handle the demands of the establishments you’re visiting. And, you absolutely must remember to maintain time frames if you’re traveling or using public transportation. This type of checklist is often a big help, but there is another type of checklist that is a whole lot more fun.

Bachelor Party Checklist #2:

The second bachelor party checklist has nothing to do with keeping to the agenda, remembering to bring reservation codes, or responsibly proceeding through the evening. In fact, this other type of checklist is all about ensuring that the groom and the groomsmen have an unforgettable time. Imagine if you asked the groom to wear a shirt that had the following checklist emblazoned on the front:

  • Get a girl to buy you a drink
  • Shotgun a beer with the group
  • Breakdance on the dance floor
  • Order a “girly” drink
  • Moon someone on the highway
  • Wear underwear on your head
  • Buy all groomsmen a shot

Now maybe you're not planning the sort of bachelor party that would use this second checklist - after all, there are many ways to throw a bachelor party. Certainly all parties would benefit from the first kind of checklist...but maybe have the second one in your pocket just in case. You never know where the night may take you!

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