Host Your Own Oktoberfest

Host your own Oktoberfest

Ahh Autumn, the season when beer lovers' minds turn to the old country, and we seek out good German beers to enjoy in a biergarten with friends. If you can't make it over to Germany for Oktoberfest, why not host your own? You'll find most of the beer gear you need for an awesome Oktoberfest right here at Capcatchers.

1. Beer Buckets  Part of the fun of Oktoberfest is sampling many different beers. Keep the bottles you select cold, upright and easily accessible by putting several ice filled beer buckets on the table. Separate the beers into categories--Pilsners, Lagers, Stouts--each with its own bucket. You can customize the buckets for each brew, or you can use plain buckets with tags tied to the handles.

Personalized beer mug

2. Personalized Beers Mugs  Oktoberfest revelers might need help remembering which glass is theirs after a few rounds. Plan ahead with personalized beer mugs for each friend. For outdoor parties, consider the insulated stainless steel tumbler to eliminate the concern of glass breakage. Better still, guests can take the mugs home as party favors.

Oktobfest Capcatcher bottle opener

3. Capcatcher Bottle Opener  A wall-mounted bottle opener means everyone knows where to open their bottles. A Capcatcher Bottle Opener means no bottle caps all over the floor, tables, and grass. The Party-Size Capcatcher Bottle Opener holds 100 bottle caps, perfect for your Oktoberfest.

There you have it! You are on your way to hosting an awesome Oktoberfest. Now you just need to buy beer. Prost!

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