Holiday Gift Guide for Him

Bottle opener for Dad

Men can be so hard to shop for. Every year we search for perfect gifts for our fathers, brothers, husbands or boyfriends. We're looking for something unique, something they'll actually get excited about when they tear off the wrapping.

Many men get excited about beer. Here at Capcatchers, we make beer gear for beer lovers. Of course, plenty of women love beer too, but we've noticed that a lot of our customers talk about how much that guy in their life just loved the Capcatcher Bottle Opener they got him for Christmas. It's nice to hear that one of our products made someone happy. So in an effort to spread that happiness to you and yours this holiday season, we've assembled a list of our most tried and true Gifts for Him:

1. The Original Capcatcher Bottle Opener   Made from solid oak, heavy-duty plated steel, and a sturdy clear vinyl pouch, the Capcatcher Bottle Opener is still our best seller after almost 20 years. Whether you choose to personalize it with just his name, or whether you have fun creating a unique gift with our wide selection of colors, icons and text, he is sure to smile when he opens the box.

Beer bucket at wood pile

2. The Personalized Beer Bucket  Even if he already has a cool bottle opener, chances are he does not have a custom beer and ice bucket. Made from premium galvanized steel, the beer bucket holds six bottles of brew plus enough ice to keep them cold. It's perfect for man caves and backyard grills.

3. The Stainless Steel Insulated Beer Tumbler Sure, he has a pub glass or two from his favorite breweries, but he doesn't use them outside by the barbecue because they're glass and breakable. But the stainless steel tumbler is designed specifically for outdoor beer enjoyment. Not only is it sturdy, it's double-wall insulated so that his beer stays colder longer on warm days. Personalize one or a whole set for a gift that's sure to be a winner.

4. The Beer-Lover Gift Basket  If you can't decide which of the above gifts ideas he'd like best, we have some good news! You can get them all in one great gift set, at 10% less than you'd pay for each of them individually. With all our easy-to-use personalizing options, you can create an amazing one-of-a-kind gift for an amazing one-of-a-kind guy.

Tavern style beer basket

5. The Classic Wall-Mount Bottle Opener  What's great about this little personalized gift is that it fits easily into a Christmas stocking. Stocking stuffers can be a bit predictable: another pair of cozy socks, a mini bottle of egg nog, a bag of peanuts. But a custom wall-mount bottle opener for his workshop? He will not expect Santa to bring him that!

Hopefully by now you are excited about buying him some custom beer gear this year. We'd like to help even more by suggesting some of our favorite beer-related products from around the internet. Check out our post, "Build the Ultimate Beer-Lover Gift Basket," for even more gift ideas for him. Happy Holidays!

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