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Holiday Gift Guide for Him

Men can be so hard to shop for. Every year we search for perfect gifts for our fathers, brothers, husbands or boyfriends. We're looking for something unique, something they'll actually get excited about when they tear off the wrapping. Many men get excited about beer. Here at Capcatchers, we make beer gear for beer lovers. Of course, plenty of women love beer too, but we've noticed that a lot of our customers talk about how much that guy in their life just loved the Capcatcher Bottle Opener they got him for Christmas. It's nice to hear that one of our products made someone happy. So in an effort to spread that happiness to you and yours this holiday season, we've...

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Green Tips for an Eco-Friendly Summer Party

I love to host summer parties and barbeques where I can enjoy good food and beer outside with friends. But after a few seasons of hauling trash bags full of cups and plates to the landfill, I started to look for realistic ways to make my gatherings more eco-friendly. Here are some easy green tips you can try, too! Reuse Plates. Everyone knows disposable plates are bad for the environment. But what can you use instead? A few summers ago I went to my local big box home goods store in late July and bought up 2 dozen dishwasher-safe plastic plates on clearance. They've survived many runs through the dishwasher, and guests enjoy eating from something solid instead of something flimsy. Of...

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