Personalized Groomsmen Gifts - What to Say

Personalized Groomsmen Gifts

You want to order cool personalized gifts for your groomsmen, but you're faced with a blinking cursor on the order screen and your mind goes blank. What on earth should you type? Don’t worry, we're here to help. We've got dozens of great, proven groomsmen gift ideas that are guaranteed to make your guys feel truly appreciated. Take a look at our pro tips for creating awesome personalized groomsmen gifts:

The First Rule of Groomsmen Gifts is to Make it About the Groomsman. A good groomsman gift has the guy's name on it. The gift is for him, to thank him for renting a tux and standing beside you at your wedding, so personal is definitely better than generic. But there is more than one way to approach the First Rule of Groomsmen Gifts.

Unique Groomsmen Gifts

1. The Commemorative Approach - If your wedding is more on the formal side, include the groomsman’s position in the wedding and the wedding date on the personalized gift. For example, on a personalized bottle opener or bucket, the first and largest line is his full name, James Smith, the second line is Groomsman, and the third and smallest line is July 23, 2016. This type of gift is still customized just for him, but it also reminds him of the special occasion every time he uses it.

Cool Groomsmen Gifts Ideas

2. The All About Him Approach - This is the classic way to personalize a groomsman gift, and it is still a great choice. Just type his name, his initials, or his name + Bar, Pub, Tavern, etc. Add an "Est. 2016" underneath or not--either is fine. The gift works well for both formal and casual weddings. It is also timeless, so he can use it again and again, for years and years.

Fun Groomsman Gift Idea

3. The Fun Group of Bros Approach - If you and your guys have been drinking beers together for years, then you probably have a few jokes about each other that you could include on the groomsmen gifts to make them more fun. Start with his name, then add a nickname or a favorite drinking quote: Brian "The Sober One" or Dan's Bar "Let's Get Ready to Stumble!"

Still need inspiration for your custom groomsmen gifts? You’re in luck! We've collected some great examples over the years, and we are happy to share! Check out our Staff Picks blog posts. The perfect personalized groomsman gift is only a few keystrokes away!

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