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Personalized Groomsmen Gifts - What to Say

You want to order cool personalized gifts for your groomsmen, but you're faced with a blinking cursor on the order screen and your mind goes blank. What on earth should you type? Don’t worry, we're here to help. We've got dozens of great, proven groomsmen gift ideas that are guaranteed to make your guys feel truly appreciated. Take a look at our pro tips for creating awesome personalized groomsmen gifts: The First Rule of Groomsmen Gifts is to Make it About the Groomsman. A good groomsman gift has the guy's name on it. The gift is for him, to thank him for renting a tux and standing beside you at your wedding, so personal is definitely better than generic. But there...

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Best Man Gift Ideas

Your Best Man will devote a lot of time and effort to making your wedding day, and the days leading up to it, incredibly memorable and unique. Make sure to take a look at our best man gift ideas below to show appreciation for your head groomsman. Your Best Man has assumed a coveted and vital role within the scope of your wedding plans. He is probably planning a bachelor party or other pre-wedding celebratory event, he acts as the “chairman” for the other groomsmen, and he likely has the ear of the bride when it comes to the groom’s thoughts and wishes. In short, the Best Man is in charge of a lot, and deciding on a Best Man...

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Which is Correct, Groomsman or Groomsmen?

When buying gifts for groomsmen, many couples choose to personalize the gifts with the guys' names and position in the wedding. But which form of the word "Groomsman" is the right one to use? Groomsman - The singular form is correct when you are referring to the individual guy. For example, "Nate is a groomsman." So when personalizing a gift with the groomsman's name and place in the wedding, the right form to use is "Groomsman". Groomsmen - The plural form is correct when you are referring to all the guys together. For example, "Nate is one of my groomsmen." When personalizing a gift for Nate, you should not use the plural unless you are actually inscribing it with, "Nate - One of the Groomsmen"....

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