Man Cave Ideas - The Finishing Touches

Man Cave Ideas

Most searches for "Man Cave Ideas" will return pages of grand, unrealistic results: a coffee table made from an engine block, a urinal made from a beer keg, a vintage tractor turned into a bar. This stuff looks amazing, but are you actually going to be able to get them in your own home? Probably not. And really, you don’t need those things for a great man cave. You need comfortable seating, a big TV, and a few awesome accents to make the hangout fun for you and your friends. Here are a few ideas for easy finishing touches to add to your man cave to make it the envy of the neighborhood.

Man Cave Wall Mount Bottle Opener

Wall-mounted Bottle Opener - Where there is a man cave, there is beer. And whether your man cave has a dedicated beer fridge or a cooler full of ice, you will need a bottle opener for that beer. Hand-held bottle openers get misplaced, moved, or accidentally kicked under the cabinet. But a wall-mounted bottle opener not only stays put after each use, it looks great on the wall. Even better, a Capcatcher wall-mounted bottle opener catches the bottle caps for easy disposal after the game. And, you can get your wall bottle opener personalized. Because that is cool.

industrial lighting man cave idea

Industrial Lighting - The TV will provide most of the light in the man cave, but you’ll need a few dim lights over by the beer fridge and the bathroom. Instead of grabbing an uninteresting lamp from the living room, get an awesome, manly industrial lamp made from pipes and a beer bottle. Take it a step further and add a vintage neon sign, or a modern glowing sign like the one from HaloLights pictured above. Instant atmosphere.

Beer bottle wall clock for man cave

Beer Bottle Clock - You can say the game is at noon, but that is boring. It is better to say, "The game starts at Guinness-o-clock," as indicated on this huge, crazy beer bottle wall clock. And if you're really adventurous, you could even make one of these clocks yourself using your favorite beer bottles!

custom man cave beer buckets

Buckets - Galvanized steel buckets are an easy, affordable and practical accessory. They can be used as snack buckets, peanut shell buckets, butt buckets, and to keep a few ice-cold beers within reach of your chair. A personalized beer bucket turns this otherwise ordinary item into a statement: "This is Joe’s Man Cave. It is full of cool things because that's just the kind of guy Joe is."

man cave basketball trash can

Fun and Games - Man Caves are not all about watching sports on TV. They are also for hanging out and playing your own games. After you’ve hooked up your Xbox, hang a dart board on the wall. If you have the space, get a Foosball table. But at the very least, get one of these basketball waste baskets. No one will be able to resist throwing their burger wrapper across the room and scoring 2 points. First one to miss buys the beer next time!

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