Turn a Vintage Bottle Opener into a Bottle Cap Catcher

Bottle opener from Boston

The traditional wall-mounted bottle opener has been around quite a long time. Its simple design has been effortlessly popping bottle caps for many generations. Maybe you have an antique bottle opener in your garage that was handed down from your grandfather…or maybe you picked up a vintage bottle opener at a flea market last weekend. Either way, when it’s made of solid steel it’s going to last you a long, long time!

In fact, the only thing that could possibly make your wall mounted bottle opener any better is if it were attached to a bottle cap catcher! It’s for this exact reason that we offer the “blank” Capcatcher Bottle Opener. The “blank” Capcatcher, just like all our Capcatchers, is available with a leather pouch, or a clear vinyl pouch (so you can see your bottle caps stacking up!) Mount it to the wall with the included screws, or choose our mega magnet backing so it holds tightly to your refrigerator while you open a beer!

Capcatcher without bottle opener

Most likely, if you already own a vintage bottle opener, the screw holes are either 2½ or 3 inches apart, measured center to center. (The design hasn’t changed much over the decades.) All of our bottle cap catchers are pre-drilled to accommodate both of these sizes, so chances are your bottle opener is ready to be upcycled!

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