Top Five Bachelor Party Games

Bachelor party stainless steel tumbler

The Bachelor party is called a party for a reason – it is a time to celebrate! With a wedding right around the corner and a life of conjoined bliss on the horizon, it is time to let off a little steam before the big day!

Whether you’re a groomsmen, the Best Man, or even the Groom, you’ll undoubtedly have some plans up your sleeve when it comes to planning the ultimate bachelor party. Whether your party plans run more to the mild side, or you’re planning a full-on assault of the Las Vegas Strip, you’ll have even more fun if you can include bachelor party games in your planning process. And we’re not talking about pinning the tail on the donkey here. Instead, consider adding one or more of these ideas to liven up your party and create moments that will spawn the phrase, “remember when we did XX at your party… that was crazy!”

  1. Off-limits words: Create a short list of words that are not allowed at any time during the bachelor party. You can use the Bride’s name, the words “party, bachelor, marriage,” or whatever you think may occasionally come up. If anyone is caught using one of these words – it’s time for a drink!
  2. Create a bachelor-themed scavenger hunt: Guys, we’re never too old for this type of fun, so make a list of five to ten things that each guy needs to do during the bachelor party. This is even more fun and effective if you’re at a destination party, like in Atlantic City or Las Vegas. Include ideas like: Having a girl buy you a drink, singing a random song during dinner, finding a bachelorette party and crash it, dancing solo on the dance floor, etc. Winner gets a small prize… like respect.
  3. Card Games: Get the guys together and play some cards, but to spice it up you’ll want to find playing cards that border on naughty. Oh heck, just get some cards with naked people on it and play some poker. It’s a time-honored tradition to include cards or gambling in a bachelor party, so don’t mess with history.
  4. Foreign Exchange Program: This game is fun. Have all of the guys in your group pretend that they’re from another country and put on the best rendition of the foreign accent as possible. The first guy to break character buys a round for the group.
  5. Never Again: Go around and have each groomsman write down two things that the groom will never do again once he’s married. Take turns reading it and then vote a “funniest anecdote” winner at the end. Toast the results!

Take the time to include some of these games into your upcoming bachelor party and you’ll spice up what is destined to be an unforgettable event!

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