Father’s Day Gift Guide – 8 Unique Ideas Under $50

Father’s Day is coming up and you want to give your dad something that shows you appreciate him, but every year it gets harder to find awesome Father’s Day gift ideas. You're searching for something cool and unique that he doesn't already have, but every site you click on has the same things you’ve seen a dozen times before. Oh yeah, and you’re on a budget.

Yeah, we’ve been there, too. But this year we’ve found a few uncommon gifts for dads that each come in at under $50, making it easy to put together a great Father’s Day gift without having to ask dad for a loan later on.

For the Desk:

Dad works hard during the week. If you can get him a little something to brighten up his office, he’ll appreciate having a reminder of the things he loves on those days when his job feels like a drag.

Father's Day Star Wars gift

1. Death Star Planter ($15) – Many, many dads love Star Wars. If your dad is among those who feel the Force, then it may be hard to find a Star Wars themed gift he doesn’t already have. Don’t worry, we’ve found it for you. This small concrete Death Star includes one easy-to-care for air plant, which is perfect for bringing the awesomeness of Star Wars to the office while still maintaining a professional feel. (The same shop also sells a Millennium Falcon planter if your dad is more Han than Luke.)

2. Log Pen Holder ($18) – If your dad is an outdoorsy kind of guy, then he’ll appreciate a little bit of nature in his workplace. This pen holder made from a section of tree branch will be a welcome improvement over his current pen holder.

custom fathers day gift idea

3. DAD Photo Blocks ($23) – Most dads love having a few family photos with them at work. But yet another picture frame is not a very interesting gift. Instead, order some of these customized photo blocks and let him build a tower of smiles.

4. Key Organizer ($20) – A practical gift is always a good choice. Look for ways you can improve his daily commute, like solving the problem of a bulky, uncomfortable jumble of keys. This ingenious key holder tames those wild keys to a slim, convenient profile that slides easily into a pocket. 

For the Weekend:

Dad looks forward to weekend from Monday at 8:00 to Friday at 4:59. Get him a gift he can enjoy on his favorite days while pursuing his favorite hobbies.

Cool Fathers Day gift

1. Stainless Steel Mounted Bottle Cap Catcher ($47) – Personalize this wall-mount bottle opener with something meaningful for dad. He can use it in his man cave, his workshop, by the pool or on the boat. It makes his life easier by neatly and stylishly catching the bottle caps from his favorite brews.

fishing gift idea

2. Bottle Cap Fishing Lures ($27) – Continuing the theme of bottle caps, these fun fishing lures are a great way to recycle one hobby into another: Enjoying a beer into catching a fish!

3. Custom Galvanized Bucket ($24) – Practical, manly and fun, a solid steel bucket can be used for anything from chilling bottles to holding bags of chips to hauling bait. Put his name on it so none of his buddies claim it as their own.

4. Personalized Spatula ($25) – Whether dad loves to grill or make pancakes, a good, professional spatula is an essential tool for the job. We like this one because it has a durable wooden handle, a sturdy stainless steel turner, and lets you add some personalized flair for a really thoughtful Father’s Day gift.

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