What is a Capcatcher

How a Capcatcher works

The Capcatcher Bottle Opener combines a traditional wall-mounted bottle opener with a pouch to catch the falling bottle cap. Capcatchers come in a variety of styles - choose an oak or mahogany base, clear vinyl or leather pouch, personalization, and much more! Our most popular style is the Magnetic Capcatcher, which has a super-strong Mega Magnet bonded to the back. This specially-engineered magnet holds tight to any flat magnetic surface, keeping the Capcatcher firmly in place while the bottle is being opened.

How do I install a Capcatcher Bottle Opener?

No tools are required to install the Magnetic Capcatcher! It pops straight on the fridge, ready for use!

If you are handy with a drill and want to install your Capcatcher on a wall or wooden surface, then our Wall-Mount Capcatcher Bottle Opener is the choice for you. The wooden base of the Capcatcher is pre-drilled for screw-mounting, and two long wood screws are included.

Capcatcher Magnet

Not sure where you want to put your Capcatcher Bottle Opener? No problem! The Magnetic Capcatcher is also pre-drilled for optional screw-mounting, so you will have the option to use it either way. For even more placement options, add an adhesive mounting pad to your order. This lets you use your Capcatcher on non-magnetic, non-drillable surfaces such as tile, glass and fiberglass.

Capcatcher Snap Flap

How do I empty the Capcatcher pouch?

All Capcatcher Bottle Openers have a Snap Flap at the bottom of the pouch. Simply place a cup under the pouch, open the snap, and your caught bottle caps will fall into the cup. Dispose of them in your recycle bin, or add them to your awesome bottle cap collection.

How will the Capcatcher make my life better?

  • Convenience – No more searching in the kitchen drawer for the bottle opener.
  • Injury Avoidance – No more stepping on loose bottle caps in your bare feet. Ouch!
  • Social Acclaim – All your friends will compliment you on your awesome bottle opener and will sing of your brilliance throughout the land.

See the Capcatcher in action!