Groomsmen & Best Man Duties

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The Few, the Proud, the Groomsmen. Along with your Captain - the Best Man, you have several unique responsibilities and jobs to complete. Here are seven key tasks that any groomsman or Best Man should prepare for before, during, and after the nuptials.

When you think of the basic responsibilities of a groomsmen or best man, there are a few classic roles that come to mind. Obviously, you should be involved in planning some type of pre-wedding party for the groom in question, and physically showing up to the wedding is considered in good taste, but what are the vital duties of a groomsmen or best man beyond the bachelor party? To help you and the boys out, we’ve listed seven of the most important tasks below:

  1. Help organize the tuxes: While the groom will choose the colors and styles (oh, who are we kidding… the bride-to-be will likely be the 51% vote here), you can help by organizing fitting times, pickup schedules, and more. Help the groom to eliminate one stressor prior to the wedding.
  2. Help facilitate the bachelor party: Yes, the pre-wedding time period involves more than just a lead-in to the bachelor party – but this is a chance for you guys to get together and show the groom just how much his friendship means. Help to plan and pay for a share of the party.
  3. Support the groom at any pre-wedding parties: Engagement parties, couple’s showers, rehearsal dinners, and other pre-wedding events are generally co-ed, so you can show your support and solidarity with the bride and groom by attending these events. You can even work with members of the bridal party if you want to score some extra points!
  4. Arrive on time to the wedding: Yes, this seems like an elementary responsibility, but you’d be surprised how many times a groomsmen pulls up to a wedding, two wheels off the ground, skidding into the last open parking space. Be on time – better yet, be early, and ensure that the other groomsmen are on time, too.
  5. Take care of the Groom: Just ask anyone who has ever been married and they will tell you - the wedding day goes by like a flash, and self-care activities like eating or staying hydrated often go by the wayside. Ensure that the Groom has something light to eat before the ceremony and keep him hydrated between ceremonial toasts.
  6. Usher guests: Some weddings feature designated ushers to move guests from entrance to seat, but if this is not the case prepare to escort guests to their appropriate seating area. You’ll literally be the “face” of the wedding, so ensure that you greet each guest warmly and project an image of levity.
  7. Help clean up: While this may range from literally cleaning up the tables, chairs, and other event paraphernalia, it also means collecting gifts, organizing money envelopes, and generally tying up loose ends.

Being a groomsman or Best Man is a big responsibility, but with a little planning and organization, you and the guys can do wonders to help your Groom to feel relaxed and reassured on his big day.

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